Hepatitis C Exposure Is a Crime in Some States; Is This the New HIV Criminalization? | Sony Salzman — 7 Comments

  1. Yes Alan …this is very disturbing ….. That someone infected with HCV and spitting blood at someone!
    I say that as someone who is both infected with an untreatable resistant strain of HCV as well as being a police officer.

  2. And Furthermore…the author of that piece states
    “Only a FEW cases”of HCV infection among health care workers from a blood splash to the eye have been reported, and overall, the risk of transmitting HCV through direct blood contact to the eyes, nose, or mouth is “is believed to be very low,”

    So if I have this correct what this author is stating that this is not a crime because only a” FEW” cases of HCV transmission could happen like this?
    Could anyone imagine going around spitting on people ,knowing you could infect others with a potential disease……and IT NOT being a crime.

    If I did that…I could potentially be infecting people with an incurable resistant strain of this disease.

    Yes…disturbing for sure!

  3. Rod,
    Thanks for your comments. I think if you read on that Dr. Jansen, a prominent HCV physician, has pointed out that “On the other hand, “The risk of transmission of hepatitis C by [spitting] is almost non existent,” he said. “For me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to make that a felony.” The article also points out that the charges were the most serious crime a person can be charged with. While I agree that spitting in an officer’s face is egregious I don’t believe that it put the officer in a life-threatening danger and it is certainly not worth sending someone to prison for a very long period of time. The bigger issue is: where does it stop?

  4. Alan
    Oh I read the entire article carefully and actually,twice.
    The flavour of the article is certainly, as you mention that this was harsh treatment for this individual , who if knowing he was infected with HCV then asualted an officer by spitting blood on him. Hogwash! This individual doing such a despicable act deserves to answer in the strictest terms according to the law and the courts.
    I did not see you make any mention with your addendum at the top of the article about what the police and possibly his or her family went through afterward
    Yes… disturbing