Is Hepatitis C Treatment Safe? Lucinda Porter, RN — 2 Comments

  1. There was one study asking the ? if Liver Cancer risk is lowered in a person with Cirrhosis who achieves SVR with the DAAs. The answer was inconclusive. And it’s dangerous for someone who tries to speak with authority about Hepatitis C to say the risk is less.

    People with Cirrhosis, even w/Hep C in remission STILL must go every 6 months for bloodwork and an Ultrasound to make sure Liver Cancer is not sneaking up on us.

    And, Liver Caner and death rates are still on the RISE, even with the DAAs. It’s good to be hopeful, but, we’ve got to be vigilant. We cannot get in remission and never think of Hep C again.

  2. Treatments still are our only hope and better than the alternative. Hepatitis C, left unchecked in SO many cases slowly kills, taking our health along the way.