Hepatitis C Support Project / HCV Advocate Website Closure — 4 Comments

  1. No Thank You Alan and your entire staff. 40 over 12 years that I ran Hep C support group here in Fort Lauderdale you have always been my source of information an inspiration. I photocopied your newsletters every month I’m handed them out have our support groups where everybody was eagerly awaiting them. I remember doing this on the office copying machine although the company never knew I was doing it. And then taking them home and stapling them all together while I was watching the evening news so that I can hand them out at our next meeting. I always referred people when they called me and asked me for information to your website among others always yours first.
    And on a personal level you and your colleagues helped me to endure three and a half years of interferon and ribaviron. Every one on your staff, each one contributing with their own expertise, helped my friends and myself surviving those horrible drugs. all of the medical information, the useful tips on how to survive the side effects, the legal information, how to stay healthy and what to avoid that could harm the liver and most importantly all the hope and inspiration that you gave us. The hope that the cute is right around the corner and to just hang in there. But most importantly was the fact that we were not alone. To know that there were others who werr fighting for our lives as much as we were .I don’t have the words to say thank you
    so for the same reason that I shut down my support group as it really was no longer needed. I’m sorry to see you folks go but I’m glad knowing the reason why.
    Peace to you all my brothers and sisters

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